Weekly Link – 6/3

Below are some links I’ve found based on the work I’ve been doing that I thought were interesting.

Technical Links:

Developer Life:

Where do I start – Microsoft AI

In the interest of helping to navigate the information available out there, I’ve been putting out there ideas for this “Where Do I start” series on the blog. Right now as I previously mentioned I’ve been studying for the AI-100 exam, and as part of that effort I found a lot of resources online, and I thought I’d share these in the interest of helping others.

There are a wealth of resources out there and I want to make sure I focus your attention on resources related to Microsoft AI and how you can leverage these services as accelerators for your own application development.  I wanted to draw your attention to a lot of the key resources for getting started.

Learning Videos:


Now additionally I have done some work on my github implementing the face api, which is available here:


Where to I start – Service Fabric?

So containers have become an essential part of modern application development. I would go as far to say that containers and micro services have had a similar impact to software development as “Object Oriented Programming”.

Now that being that I have been talking to a lot of people who use Monolithic applications and are looking for a way to break down their existing applications into a micro service approach and support the idea of using existing infrastructure, and don’t necessarily want to deploy on Linux for a variety of reasons.

Now based on that option, there is an established technology that can leverage your docker containers and orchestrate them in a windows environment. And that is Service Fabric.

I find the learning curve if you are looking at a monolithic application and breaking it into micro services is a lot easier to swallow with Service Fabric, and it does help you to break up your applications to make better use compute on your machines in the cluster and you can still leverage docker.

Below are some links to help you get started with Service Fabric if you are looking for information on this technology:

Concepts and Architecture:

Service Fabric Overview:

Coding Samples:


Breaking Down Monitoring in Azure

So let’s talk monitoring in Azure, and honestly this is a topic that makes most people start to become a “deer in headlights”. And the reason is that most executives love to say “We need to have a great monitoring story” but monitoring is a massive topic and most don’t know where to begin.

And the truth is that it is a huge and multi-faceted topic that have a variety of solutions that can be applied in a variety of ways. So I wanted to gather some resources to help give you if your trying to figure out which way is up.

MSLearn:  Provides guided learning through articles, hands on labs and videos on a variety of topics.  Some of the key ones I thought would be of interest given your ask are:

When it comes to monitoring we have several products and services that are at the core of providing that support:

Additionally we have videos at a site called Channel 9 on a variety of topics

Links for Kusto the Log Analytics Querying Language

Deploying ARM Templates through CLI

Links for Full Monitoring Solution

Links for Logs on Log Analytics and details of data captured